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From "Hardee, Brenda G NAVSAFECEN" <>
Subject Tomcat 4.1.26 on Win2000
Date Thu, 06 Nov 2003 21:23:57 GMT
I am running Tomcat ver 4.1.27 on a Win2000 platform.  Is there an easy way to set up tomcat
as a service without the whole wrapper thing?  I'm new at this and looking for the simplest
I'm also not a great expert on the NT side!!

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From: Longley, Andrew []
Sent: Thursday, November 06, 2003 14:50
To: Tomcat Users List
Subject: RE: tomcat 3.3 on Win2k server/IIS 5.0

You can set up a scheduled task or install Tomcat as a service.  I'm
pretty sure the Tomcat 3.3 binary on Windows is a service wrapper, so
you can invoke Tomcat.exe and supply the parameters to create a service.
You may need to edit the registry manually to set up classpaths and
other variables your app needs.  Not sure what you mean about Microsoft
and server daemons...I have many Tomcats starting up automatically as
services on many Win2k machines.  Not under IIS, but I think that is
irrelevant, could be wrong.

Andrew Longley
Senior Software Developer
MindFlow Technologies, Inc.

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> From: Dara Lambert [] 
> Sent: Thursday, November 06, 2003 10:40 AM
> To:
> Subject: tomcat 3.3 on Win2k server/IIS 5.0
> Hello,
> I hope it is ok to email for directions or clarification on 
> how to get Tomcat to start automatically after a Win2k 
> reboot? Is it true that the reason Tomcat doesn't launch is 
> because Microsoft created a server environment that actually 
> doesn't have any simple way of launching server daemons at startup? 
> I have been reseaching this issue for 2 days now, and have 
> found similar issues but nothing quite right. I have 
> installed the AutoexT exe that runs a batch file at startup, 
> but yet again I have to login to the server first so that 
> Tomcat will load. 
> Any help or guidance would be greatly appreciated, I 
> understand if you do not answer direct emails.
> Thank you,
> Dara Lambert
> System Administrator     
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