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From "Walter do Valle" <>
Subject Re: Worrying problem
Date Thu, 20 Nov 2003 20:01:06 GMT

>>Sometimes it opens many threads and the command "tomcat4 stop" does nost
>>stop all threads.
>>I need to kill one by one. Why?

>When you say sometimes, what do you mean exactly?  Can you reproduce it
>in a test case?
2 -3 times by day. I don't know exactly what is causing the problem.
I can't reproduce that.

>Is there a correlation between high load on your system
>and a high number of threads?  There should be.
CPU was 70% free.

>By how much does the
>number of threads exceed your maxProcessors as configured in server.xml?
In server.xml maxProcessors="75" for but there is about 90 threads in the
system (ps -ef).

>The tomcat shutdown script (I don't know what tomcat4 stop is) will shut
>down the tomcat engine itself.
It's equivalent to stop. I never use

>If your app or code used by your app
>starts non-daemon threads, you are responsible for closing them
>yourself.  Tomcat cannot do that for you.  These threads will prevent a
>proper shutdown.  This has been discussed many times on this list in the
I don't create any threads.

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