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From "Sarel Bester" <>
Subject RE: Tomcat JK Connector DLLs for IIS in IIS 6.0/Win2k3SBS - Won't Load!
Date Mon, 03 Nov 2003 12:33:52 GMT
Hi Richard

I have to admit (in utter embarrassment) that I suddenly "saw" the picture .
. . .:).

I was looking at the "Properties" of "Web Sites" and the "Default Web Site".
I was looking so hard I didn't the Web Services Extensions right beneath Web
Sites.  My servlet now work perfect through port 80.

Thanks for your information,  it definitely saved the day for me!


Sarel Bester
Laragh Skills (formerly SmartForce Africa)
Work:  +27 11 2340690
Fax:  +27 11 2340790
Cell:  +27 82 8825009

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From: []
Sent:	Thursday, October 30, 2003 07:40
Subject:	RE: Tomcat JK Connector DLLs for IIS in IIS 6.0/Win2k3SBS - Won't

One additional thing to note (though it may be obvious to some), is that
the ISAPI function needs to be enabled on IIS6. This is done under the
IIS Manager --> <server_name> --> Web Service Extensions. From here the
ISAPI extension can be "allowed" to run.

Thanks again for the assistance Adam.

Richard Steck

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From: Adam Krouskop []
Sent: Wednesday, October 29, 2003 11:41 AM
To: 'Tomcat Users List'
Cc: 'Matthew Hall-Smith'

With some good suggestions of Matt Hall-Smith of Pauaware Information
Architects (and [disappointment]no suggestions from the Tomcat Users
List[/disappointment]) I have been able to get IIS 6.0 to work with

My working setup consists of IIS 6.0 running under Windows 2003 Small
Business Server talking to Tomcat 4.1.27 via Tomcat Web Server Connector
1.2.5. The various registry settings and configuration files are setup
"standard way" described in the numerous online tutorials for setting up
to work with Tomcat. (One, for instance, is located at

The one special extra step that needs to be taken in addition the
steps" outlined in those online tutorials to get things to work under
6.0. This extra step is to turn on "IIS 5.0 Isolation mode." (In the
management console go to: Web Site Properties -> Service -> Isolation

I imagine that turning on this "isolation mode" disables some of the
additional functionality added to IIS in the 5 -> 6 upgrade, but I don't
know all the ins and outs of what's new in IIS 6, so I'm not in a
to further comment on that.

Matt Hall-Smith also discussed that the isapi_redirector2.dll of the JK2
distribution can be specially registered with IIS 6.0 (see IIS 6.0's
help) which creates a configuration which "works" but doesn't seem
as servletinputstream corruptions were experienced in large posts made
his servlets. I have not experimented with this configuration, but
someone need to JK2 or not have their IIS 6.0 in "IIS 5.0 Isolation
they could experiment with that setup.

Hopefully as the user base of IIS 6.0 continues to grow as people move
Windows 2003, the demand for a stable JK connector to work with an "out
the box" IIS 6.0 will bring about a new version of the JK connector.
then, I hope this e-mail thread can help some folks out.

Adam Krouskop

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From: Adam Krouskop []
Sent: Friday, October 24, 2003 5:04 PM
Subject: Tomcat JK Connector DLLs for IIS in IIS 6.0/Win2k3SBS - Won't

I'm trying to move an installation of Tomcat 4.1.27 and IIS from a
XP box running IIS 5.1 to a Windows 2003 Small Business Server box
an integrated version of IIS 6.0. I am running into problems because I
not get the ISAPI Filter (DLL) to load. The arrow is always red and down
(never green and up) and the service log shows that the filter fails to
each time I restart IIS.

I am using identical /conf files and registry settings as my *working*
5.1/XP setup. (And that setup is based on the general setup guide for
IIS connector on the site.) So, I don't believe my
configuration is to blame. I have also tried using both the JK 1.2 and
2.0 connectors. I've also tried disabling all the other ISAPI Filters
were present by default with the Win2k3 installation.

In my search for advice on the web, I found a few folks asking for help
different aspects of *working* IIS 6.0 configurations, so I assume that
the right tinkering, it is possible to get the existing connectors to
with IIS 6.0.

If anyone has any tips on getting a connector to work under IIS 6.0, I
be most appreciative.

Adam Krouskop

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