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From "Roeland Meyer" <>
Subject Tomcat 4.12 reboot and services under Win2K
Date Fri, 21 Nov 2003 12:14:51 GMT
This is running "Windows 2000 Advanced Server Service Pack 4 (build 2195)"
on a AMD K6-200.
What I'm trying to do is to get the darned thing to fire up on boot, without
having to log in as a user. Older versions start with a batch file but the
latest one seems to also install a service.

I can't start the Tomcat service from the services panel. Note that;

1) Instead of the latest version, of Jakarta/Tomcat, I got the "Java Web
   Developer Pack 1.2" from Sun.

2) I then got the latest version directly from To my
dismay, not
   only are they different but Sun put them in completely different places
   tree) and renamed some of it, ARGH!

3) However, the latest Tomcat seems to install a Win2K service.
   My problem is that I can't get it to start from the services control

I've not added any new contexts, only the examples tree.
Yes, I've printed out a ream of dox, literally, and have searched through
them all.
I'm tabeling the work on the ISAP Redirector until I get this sorted out
but, that's next.

R O E L A N D  M J   M E Y E R
Yahoo Messenger: roeland_meyer

Running Tomcat 4.1x under "Windows 2000 Advanced Server Service Pack 4
(build 2195)"
on a AMD K6-200

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