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From "Neal" <>
Subject Garbage Collection issues
Date Mon, 01 Dec 2003 01:21:19 GMT
My Tomcat 4.1 (hosted on Linux) seems to have a problem in recent months
with crashing due to unavailable free RAM.  Specifically I get a
java.error.outOfMemory exception.  If check the RAM available
(Runtime.getRuntime().totalMemory()), I can see it ticking down through
the week.  If explicitly run garbage collection however my RAM totally
frees up and all is well (Runtime.getRuntime().gc();).

Why would this happen?  Surely this isn't due to a programming error on
my part, otherwise, the resources should automatically released whenever
the JRE performs periodic garbage collection. Isn't that correct?
Anyone have any theories as to what this may mean and what the best
solution would be?


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