I will consider implementing a filter to remove the empty lines before the tag. For now I eliminated most of the empty lines by changing: <%@page import="..." %> <%@page language="Java" %> to: <%@page import="..." language="Java" %> Ugly, but at least there is one directive per page. It would be great if the JSP compiler would not output new lines for lines containing only JSP directives. I will fill a feature request for this. I am using IE 6 SP1, so this issue is still not fixed. Microsfot may not even be aware of it. Thanks, Marius Christopher Schultz wrote: > Marius, > >> Thanks for all the replies. I did solve the mystery. >> IE is indeed a POS. > > > I told you :) > >> IE seems >> to be scanning for the tag (don't ask why) and >> if it does not find it soon enough then it gives up >> and treats the file as raw XML. Pretty smart. >> >> Now this is sort of a show stopper for me, unless I >> find a way to reduce the empty lines a the top of >> a file. Is there a way in Tomcat to prevent the > > > If you have multiple JSP directives at the tops of your pages, consider > putting them onto the same line. For example: > > <%@page import="..." %> > <%@page language="Java" %> > > > > > Maybe change this to: > > <%@page import="..." %><%@page language="Java" %> page="foo.jsp" /> page="baz.jsp" /> > > Also note that all of your <%@page ... %> directives can be put together > into one directive, which uses less space. > > Tomcat really can't be blamed, because you are putting the newlines into > the JSP file yourself. The only thing I can think of would be to have > Tomcat ignore trailing whitespace on JSP source lines that nothing but a > JSP directive or something like ... > > You other option might be to create a filter that collapsed multiple > consecutive newlines into a single one. This might break some of your > page, though. > >> A few more observation regarding IE. It seems that >> once it guessed the type of a page it is caching that >> info in memory. > > > Even better! What version of IE are you using, BTW? I'm wondering if > they've finally fixed this in IE 6.0. I still use 5.5 when I view a site > that's so broken in Mozilla that I can't make sense of it (which makes > me pretty much furious). > > -chris --------------------------------------------------------------------- To unsubscribe, e-mail: tomcat-user-unsubscribe@jakarta.apache.org For additional commands, e-mail: tomcat-user-help@jakarta.apache.org