Marius, > Thanks for all the replies. I did solve the mystery. > IE is indeed a POS. I told you :) > IE seems > to be scanning for the tag (don't ask why) and > if it does not find it soon enough then it gives up > and treats the file as raw XML. Pretty smart. > > Now this is sort of a show stopper for me, unless I > find a way to reduce the empty lines a the top of > a file. Is there a way in Tomcat to prevent the If you have multiple JSP directives at the tops of your pages, consider putting them onto the same line. For example: <%@page import="..." %> <%@page language="Java" %> Maybe change this to: <%@page import="..." %><%@page language="Java" %> Also note that all of your <%@page ... %> directives can be put together into one directive, which uses less space. Tomcat really can't be blamed, because you are putting the newlines into the JSP file yourself. The only thing I can think of would be to have Tomcat ignore trailing whitespace on JSP source lines that nothing but a JSP directive or something like ... You other option might be to create a filter that collapsed multiple consecutive newlines into a single one. This might break some of your page, though. > A few more observation regarding IE. It seems that > once it guessed the type of a page it is caching that > info in memory. Even better! What version of IE are you using, BTW? I'm wondering if they've finally fixed this in IE 6.0. I still use 5.5 when I view a site that's so broken in Mozilla that I can't make sense of it (which makes me pretty much furious). -chris --------------------------------------------------------------------- To unsubscribe, e-mail: For additional commands, e-mail: