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From Fredrik Håård <>
Subject Tomcat 5.0.12: Proxy with mod_proxy and HttpConnector not possible?
Date Sun, 19 Oct 2003 21:50:29 GMT
I've been working with Tomcat for a while and just migrated my webapps to 
my Debian box. Since I'm, already running Apache I thought it a good idea 
to use Apache as a proxy for Tomcat, and for simplicity I settled for the 
solution specified at this address:

However, when trying this solution I get a ClassNotFoundException (from 

Catalina.start: java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: 

Furthermore, when reading up on Tomcat documentation, 
org.apache.catalina.connector.http does no longer seem to exist in Tomcat 
5. I tried googling for the exception and for Tomcat 5 and mod_proxy, but 
ended up with nothing useful.

So, is the documentation out of synch and I should use JK2, or did I miss 

If I have to use JK, can you point me to a good reference source, the link 
in the Tomcat docs seem broken - at least I end up at the Jakarta binary 

fredrik at haard dot se

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