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From john-paul delaney>
Subject OT: db pool problems - jdbc connection count?
Date Thu, 30 Oct 2003 19:43:19 GMT
Hello List...

Sorry if this is off-topic.  Although I think I'm following the jndi-resources-howto fairly
well, I find I'm running out of connections and I have to restart tomcat to free them up.
 I'd like to know how many jdbc connections are in use at any given time with the intention
of finding the offending servlet(s).  I'm using postgreSQL.  I've googled and looked at the
postgres user lists but not found an example on how to detect the current number of connections
in use.  Can anyone help?

tomcat 4.1.24
postgresql 7.3.3
commons-pool 1.0.1

I believe I'be been pretty thorough in closing down resultsets, preparedstatements and connections
after use, and use the removeAbandoned parameter in the DataSource Resource section of server.xml.

Any leads are much appreciated.


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