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From Morten <>
Subject RE: Overhead of having a WAR file in docPath
Date Wed, 08 Oct 2003 20:13:26 GMT


Thanks for the suggestions, but the "problem" is that I'm declaring
2 data sources for my context. Initally, I declared those in server.xml,
but that failed and while browsing about in the archives for a
solution, I saw that people recommended using a separate XML file in the
webapps directory.

If I place only the WAR file in the webapps/ dir, it gets expanded
fine and works fine, except for the data sources.

So I don't have anything in server.xml, only myapp.xml and myapp.war
which I copy to webapps/, I start up Tomcat, and it doesn't find the
application unless I set docPath to myapp.war, and even then, the
WAR file does not get expanded.



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