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From Karthik Duddala <>
Subject Replicating Application variables
Date Tue, 28 Oct 2003 15:00:21 GMT

We have a web application with multiple sub-systems . viz. , Order
Processing, Inventory Management etc., I need a way to isolate each of
these sub-systems.
One approach I have thought of is setting an Application variables which
then will be picked up the system and deny access to that particular

My question is : Can we replicate application variables like sessions? If
so, how can it be done?
Also, for clustering is there a master node or a controlling node ? The
reason i ask this question is, I need to know how to take care of session
clean ups. If I schedule session cleanups based on the session time stamp,
which node do i run it on? I cannot run it on every node as it will start
to run at the scheduled time on all nodes and create conflicts. Also, this
will help me decide my build strategy.

Environment: JBoss 3.2, TomCat 5.1

Karthik Duddala
Developer - Web Team
Commerce Technologies
Ph. 518-886-0700 x. 3881

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