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Subject UNIX+Apache+Tomcat Situtation
Date Tue, 21 Oct 2003 18:58:54 GMT
I have a situation where if a developer owns Tomcat 3 and stops/starts
server the apps on that server all j2ee web-apps run fine. If I as root or
'tomcat_user' or su to developer id stop/start Tomcat 3 then all j2ee
web-apps run except modules that produce .jpegs dynamically. In the latter
case Tomcat was setup so that the user who stop/started Tomcat owned all

My first response was to make all files/directories world
read,write,execute. It must be a UNIX permission thing right. Also I umask'd
and source'd the UNIX personal env of each user to be world
read,write,execute on any directories/files created but still no difference,
the graphs are not displayed. The graph libs are using JFreechart, btw. 

This is a long running issue and I would appreciate any help as I am not
sure if this is a UNIX or Tomcat or JFreechart issue. Any suggestions? Why
would I not be able to remotely log into box, su - to developer id and
stop/start Tomcat with all apps functioning? Also, developer's personal UNIX
acct is basic stock settings with no extra frills.


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