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From Andy Hutchinson <>
Subject Multiple virtual hosts at root context
Date Tue, 21 Oct 2003 08:55:24 GMT
I am using Tomcat 4.1.27 under Linux for a project where the machine is 
embedded into a pumping machine, i.e. limited memory and resources.

The 'services' are all identified by sub domains so that you would get a 
master domain of the pump site, a sub domain for each pump unit and a 
further subdomain for each reading.

For example,

	http://finham - gives an overview of the site called finham
	http://top-bearing.finham gives an overview of the pump called top-bearing gives a power reading for the pump

Everything was developed with Apache fronting Tomcat and all is well. We've 
now arrived at the factory tests and I think I've shot myself in the foot. 
I had always intended to remove the Apache front end as it just will not 
fit onto the hardware.

The problem seems to be that you cannot have a standalone Tomcat supporting 
many virtual hosts where the context paths are the same. You can in Apache.

I appreciate that there are other ways to do this but this 'design' has now 
been used by other systems so any changes are bad news at this stage.

My question is, am I correct that this cannot be done using a standalone 
Tomcat and, if not, does anyone have any ideas?


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