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From Don Heitzmann <>
Subject Re: Tomcat4.1, jk2, and apache 1.3
Date Thu, 09 Oct 2003 00:04:22 GMT
Mark, boy can I identify with your first sentence....I'm in the same boat, 
and I too am going insane. (Maybe we can meet when we both get there :-) )

The best resource I've found (which I didn't find until a serendipitous 
google probe after about 4 days of suffering) is at   This fellow has written a series of docs about how to 
get all this stuff going.  Although I have to tell you that it's still not 
working right on my machine, I will say that I'm miles closer and also have 
a better idea what's going on, having read his doc.
Perhaps you'll find that it works just fine on your machine.  Good luck.

At 05:17 PM 10/8/2003 -0500, you wrote:
>Hi.  I am trying to get the mod_jk2 to load into apache 1.3 and I am
>slowly going insane.  I have "googled" my way around the web and have
>seen lots of people ask the same type of question I am asking, but there
>are few good answers.  (I feel a bit like that guy in the commercial
>that "finished" the internet.)
>I have in my httpd.conf file:
>LoadModule              jk2_module libexec/
>Include         tomcat/conf/auto/mod_jk.conf
>I have read that there is a way to get tomcat to produce its own
>mod_jk.conf-auto file, but I cannot find how to do it.  I have looked at
>the jk2 docs a lot, but it seems that they are for a different
>(incompatible) version.  The JkMount directives cannot be added manually
>either, since mod_jk2 doesn't seem to understand these.
>What magic do I need to do so that tomcat 4.1 can produce the jk2 config
>file automatically?
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