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From Ned Regina <>
Subject Tomcat 4 + Apache 1.3 + mod_jk lb session loss
Date Thu, 09 Oct 2003 19:37:02 GMT
I'm trying to load balance multiple Tomcat 4.1.27 servers behind Apache 
1.3.28 using jk(1) on RedHat 9.  It appears that the sessions are not being 
maintained when more than one Tomcat server is running.  A quick test page 
which prints application, session, request, and cookie information shows a 
new JSESSIONID cookie every time the page loads as well as alternating 
"Real Path" values (for each Tomcat server instance).  I've had the same 
configuration working perfectly for nearly a year using Tomcat 4.0.X, 
Apache 1.3.x, and RedHat 7.2 running on three separate servers (one 
apache+mod_jk+tomcat, the others just tomcat).  Initially, I had set up a 
multiple server system with the new software when I noticed this 
problem.  To simplify, I've set up a test environment on one server with 
tomcat instance 1 running on ports 8005,8009,8443,and 8080 and tomcat 
instance 2 running on ports 9005,9009,9443, and 9080.  I'm using the 
default server.xml for each with the ROOT context statement un-commented 
and the ports changed as above.  This is what my looks 
like (although it's gone through a great many permutations in the debug 


# In Unix, we use forward slashes:

# list the workers by name


# --------------------------------------
# Load Balance remote tomcat server test
# --------------------------------------



This has been a very frustrating problem since it was something that worked 
quite well until now.  I'm going to keep removing layers (going back to 
RH7.x, then TC4.0X, etc.), but if anybody has any information about this, 
it would be a great help.  Thanks.

-Ned Regina

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