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From "David Rees" <>
Subject Re: connectors documents
Date Wed, 01 Oct 2003 17:06:27 GMT
On Wed, October 1, 2003 at 2:13 am, Mark Lowe sent the following
> Yeah i know,
> I did.. and now i'm trying a cheeky question to the dev list..
> They seem to be more interested in other stuff on the user list..
> Given that both tomcat and apache are so great i'm surprised that they
> continue to be plagued by this connector business. How many years now?
> , I'm not sure, but if there was reason not to use these technologies
> then connectors would be it..

Well, it's certainly confusing for some people, so if you find a way to
make it less confusing, please submit some patches to the developers!

> I thought a mail to the folks who are involved with this stuff could be
> the way forward. Its great to see an example on jk2 and vhosts , it
> would be even better if it worked.

There are questions about Tomcat connectors posted to the -user list all
the time, your question fits right in.

> So to repeat my question on both lists..

(I am only responding to tomcat-user)

> Is there any documentation, on jk, jk2 or mod_webapp that explains
> configuring vhosts in a sensible manner that doesn't just go as far as
> http://domain/webappname .. because frankly that bit is easy, and
> suffers from chocolate fire-guard syndrome in terms of it utility.

It is a piece of cake.  Using Apache1 or Apache2, mod_jk (I have not tried
mod_jk2 myself) and Tomcat 4.1.27) here are a couple sample configs with 2
vhosts using the root context.

In Apache's httpd.conf, you need these settings for the virtual hosts:

JkWorkersFile <pathto>/
<VirtualHost *>
  ServerName vhost1
  JkMount /*.jsp tomcat1
<VirtualHost *>
  ServerName vhost2
  JkMount /*.jsp tomcat1

In your

In your Tomcat's server.xml:

<Host name="vhost1">
  <Context path="" docBase="/vhost1/doc-root"/>
<Host name="vhost2">
  <Context path="" docBase="/vhost2/doc-root"/>

I've stripped out all the config settings not related to getting vhosts
working in Apache/Tomcat above, but you should get the idea.


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