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From Florian Ebeling <>
Subject Re: jk or jk2
Date Fri, 31 Oct 2003 10:40:58 GMT

thanks for sharing your material on your tested setup here. I wonder if 
you've got a distinct idea of how the syntax works. 
This is actually my single most pressing problem.

There is this section like thing: [foo:bar] What does it mean? Is it a

[type:instance]  -   eg. [uri:/context/*]

scheme, perhaps? This might make sense. Then this

[type:]          -   eg. [config:]

could be a "class" or singleton-like thing. And then, the properties. Do 
they always refer to the preceding square-bracketed item?


What is the group syntax like? Is a group something I define with the 
[lb:some_lb_name] statement? Do I need a shared memory file under all 
circumstances, or is it neccessary only when I have several tomcats?


Dean Searle wrote:

> The Oreilly book is only for Tomcat and Tomcat as a Standalone web/application server.
I have spent six months trying to figure out how everything works together and how to get
things implemented. Both from FreeBSD and Windows. I do have documentation on how to get Apache2,
Tomcat 4.1 and mod_jk2 to work together. Please keep in mind that this is old documentation
that I have out there, some things are not optimized yet. 
> I have just reconfigured my Apache2, Tomcat 4.1 and mod_jk2 installation. I currently
have a test environment where I am running two instances of Apache2 from one binary install
and three instances of Tomcat from one binary install. Each one running different configuration
from straight static site to jsp site and jsp with SSL or Realm security with AD LDAP. But
all using mod_jk2 when needed.
> I will provide a link to my old documentation to get you started. I will try and answer
any other questions also. I am not an expert here though, just some things I have figured
out from reading numerous posts here and from other sites. I will repost an updated documentation
as soon as all my testing is done.
> download the PDF please.
> -Dean
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> From:	Florian Ebeling []
> Sent:	Thu 10/30/2003 09:42
> To:	Tomcat Users List
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> Subject:	Re: jk or jk2
> Hi Bernhard,
>  > Here's a great book including mod_jk2:
>  >
> I got this book right next to my laptop, and I also like it quite much. 
> But I can't find it useful when it comes to using mod_jk2. It don't 
> really understand the contents of workers2.perperties. And they show 
> only an example of this file in their book.
> To give you an example:
> [config:]
> File=/usr/local/apache2/config/
> debug=0
> debugEnv=0
> I guess here they define some "config" instance. Ok. But where is the 
> point in giving the path to a config file *in exactly this config 
> file*?! No idea.
> Or, another example:
> [uri:/examples]
> info=Examples ...
> context=/examples
> worker=ajp13:localhost:8009
> debug=0
> This yields a deprecation warning in my apache2 error.log:
> [Thu Oct 30 13:13:48 2003] [notice] uriEnv.setAttribute() the worker 
> directive is deprecated. Use 'group' instead.
> What is a group? I guess this could be a node group for load balancing 
> purposes. But I don't know. And the books won't say, neither the ORA nor 
> the Wrox one. I'm pretty stuck.
> Sorry, I'm upset. Thanks for your hint, anyway.
> -Florian
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