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From Christopher Schultz <>
Subject Re: Html files not displayed with webapp
Date Thu, 30 Oct 2003 15:08:07 GMT

>>But if you transliterate any .html URL to .htm, then it 
>>works? Bizarre.
> No its not only the URL I have to change. I have to rename all the html
> files to htm and then of course use htm in the URL. Of course this could
> be an approach to get my things work but I would like to understand
> this.

Oh! Okay... what do your JkMount lines look like in Tomcat? You might 
just be missign a directive to forward *.html to Tomcat's worker.

> DocumentRoot "/usr/local/httpd/htdocs"
> The path is /opt/jakarta/tomcat/webapps/examples/jsp/index.html
> Therefore I have following lines in my http.conf:
> WebAppConnection warpConnection warp localhost:8008
> WebAppDeploy examples warpConnection /examples/
> WebAppInfo webapp-info

I've never used the WebApp connector... do you know what file types (or 
URI patterns) it maps for Apache? I know that using Jk, you need a 
JkMount directive for each URI pattern you want to use. Thus, you'd need 
to specifically put "JkMount /examples/*.html tomcat-worker" in there, 
unless you already had something like JkMount /examples/* tomcat-worker".

>>Oh.. so you *are* serving html files from Tomcat. Might I ask why?
> It's just to get the Tomcat examples working also when using it together
> with Apache. I don't want to begin using a technology for our website
> which seems to have problems with the examples shown in any tutorial,
> unless I get them solved.

Good point, but eventually you'll have better performance letting Apache 
serve all your static content. In fact, at this point, Apache is just a 
hinderance for you, since you're not actually using it. Why not use 
Tomcat standalone to play with the examples?

I guess that's besides the point. Someone else on the list will have to 
help you with the WebApp connector; sorry for my ignorance.


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