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From Mike Klein <>
Subject Defining JNDI DataSource...why decl'd/def'd in server.xml and not in web.xml.
Date Thu, 30 Oct 2003 09:30:25 GMT
I like to make my web applications and their corresponding 
installations/deployments as modular/atomic as possible. I like hot 
deployments, etc, etc.

Unfortunately, every application I've seen that uses Tomcat JNDI 
DataSources requires hand-editing of server.xml...and then a reference 
to the resource in web.xml of web application.

Why can't I describe the JNDI DataSource in the web.xml of my web 
application? I didn't notice this possibility in dtd for web.xml.

As an example, I recently installed JUDDI, a Java application that 
manages a uddi registry. It came as a self-contained web application 
(directory or .war), and after dropping it into webapps directory...I 
still had to hand-edit server.xml to describe its connection to database 
and it was done in a context only applying to juddi web app. This seems 
error-prone and just not clean/modular.

I would understand defining JNDI datasources available to ALL web 
applications via Tomcat's admin or via the server.xml....but why when 
it's per web application?

Please correct my thinking...

thanks in advance,


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