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From Daniel Gibby <>
Subject Re: Tomcat in combination with SMP and Sun java 1.4.1-01 or IBM java 1.3.x?
Date Mon, 27 Oct 2003 16:18:57 GMT
See thread tomcat jitters than hangs.
Set environment variable for tomcat and apache:

Daniel Gibby

Francois JEANMOUGIN wrote:

>>When I run the same application on a uniprocessor (either a athlon
>>2400xp+ or single PIII550)
>>the application runs stable for weeks, any idea's what might cause the
>We found the same, and if you look at the traces, it appears to be a JITC problem. So
probably a bad optimization in the JITC from IBM on hyperthreaded machines. I don't have the
problem on the quadric-PIII.
>Sun JVM seems to work well, testing in progress.
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