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From Tim Funk <>
Subject Re: form-based authentication & session.invalidate
Date Sat, 11 Oct 2003 23:57:07 GMT
Hmm. I always thought that when using the SSO valve, logging out of one 
webapp automatically logs you out of all webapps.

The 5 code looks broken based on *very quick* inspection compared to 4.1 
based on lines 304-308.

         if ( event.getData() != null
              && "logout".equals( event.getData().toString() )) {
             // logout of all applications
         } else {
             // invalidate just one session
             deregister(ssoId, session);

I haven't been able to locate how logout can be a value in a SessionEvent.


Adam Hardy wrote:
> I have just figured out that the SSO in JSESSIONIDSSO stands for 
> single-sign-on.
> I have the following JSP:
> remote user <%=request.getRemoteUser() %> in
> session <%= session.getId() %>
> <%
> session.invalidate();
> %>
> and after doing a login, I saw I got JSESSIONID and JSESSIONIDSSO 
> cookies. I then go to a second site on my tomcat and get a second 
> JSESSIONID without having to do a login coz of SSO.
> Now going to this page which has the stuff above, and refreshing over 
> and over always showed the following:
> remote user adam in session EB2543D909D52551EA58C77E963CDD17
> remote user adam in session EA33F35CCB3D1205A88226029C65939C
> remote user adam in session 8814C0365D3F0BDD97B1DE9B7EAECD17
> remote user adam in session 1B7F0424190985F24A294EA2344888C5
> I see the JSESSIONIDSSO cookie is keeping my remoteUser info active. 
> This shouldn't be the case I'm sure. If I delete the SSO cookie in 
> mozilla, I get a login request on my next request.
> Also if I only login to one site, even though I get the SSO cookie, when 
> I invalidate the session, I immediately get a login request. Strange.
> This is not correct behaviour for tomcat, is it?
> Adam

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