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From jerome moliere <>
Subject Re: Clustering Tomcat - Loadbalancing and Failover
Date Thu, 09 Oct 2003 06:34:05 GMT
Hanasaki JiJi wrote:


> What is available, in Tomcat, or as an add-on, and preferably 
> free/open-source to cluster tomcat for:
>     load balancing
>     fail over

humm filip hanik could answer with more details (or remy maucherat) but 
as far as I know new Tomcat 5 code (backported to 4.1) use
 the Javagroups library for replication mechanism. For tomcat 4.1, 
adding jars (javagroups + patch) is enough to add theses features...
For tomcat 5, nothing needed because it's one of the new features...

>         how are session states replicated?

It's one of the limits of this system, because every put made, induces 
replication for the entire object using broadcast (by default). So heavy 

> Also, in general, and a bit off-topic (my apologies), are there any 
> resources for the design, or open source implementation, of load 
> balancing / fail-over frameworks?

javagroups :)
google may point you to the current address !!!
I think that this porject recently joined the JBOSS project

> Thanks

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