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From Dave Thomas <>
Subject Re: RH9's Apache 2 and Tomcat 4
Date Sun, 05 Oct 2003 23:55:25 GMT

I would also like to know some facts on this. I need to maintain many 
Linux boxes running Apache and Tomcat...having the ability to update 
Apache with a plain RPM from RedHat is a huge bonus.

Dave Thomas

Mike Millson wrote:

>I have heard the claims before about not using the default Apache that
>comes w/ RH 9, but I have never seen any concrete evidence for not doing
>this. Do you have any specifics such as articles or facts that show the
>downside of using the default Apache that comes w/ RH?
>Thank you,
>On Sat, 2003-10-04 at 21:54, Chong Yu Meng wrote:
>>Hi Dave,
>>Do NOT use the default Apache that comes with RH9 ! According to some 
>>reports, there are some serious bugs inside it. I'm using RH9, but my 
>>Apache comes from 
>>( It takes a bit of 
>>tweaking, but you can get the Falsehope rpm to play nice with Tomcat.
>>pascal chong
>>Dave Thomas wrote:
>>>We have an application that we have been suing Apache 1.3 with Tomcat
>>>3.3 with for a while and I would like to test out using our app with
>>>Tomcat 4 and RedHats default install of Apache 2. I have found a few
>>>'how tos' on the subject but they all seem to be a bit dated and do not
>>>apply to the current release of Tomcat and mod_jk2. Can anyone suggest
>>>any docs or offer any info on this subject?
>>>Also, how if the performance for Tomcat 4 vs Tomcat 3?
>>>Thanks for any info,
>>>Dave Thomas

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