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From John Turner <>
Subject Re: tomcat and virtual hosts
Date Thu, 02 Oct 2003 02:24:12 GMT
<Host name="" appBase="/export/home/webroot/site1">
    <Context path="" docBase="/export/home/webroot/site1/ROOT">

Better yet, make the Context docBase = "ROOT" so it is relative to the 
Host's appBase.

Put JSP in /export/home/webroot/site1/ROOT.  Put WEB-INF in the same 
location.  Do the same for site 2.


Johan Louwers wrote:

>I have set up tomcat and apache... bind them with a JK2 connector both on
>port 80. I have 2 domains running on the machine. I made the virtual hosts
>work in apache with editting httpd.conf  The apache docs are located on the
>following location:
>/export/home/webroot/site1     (
>/export/home/webroot/site2     (
>I would like to access jsp files on both the website's like
> and and store the jsp files
>at the same location as the html docs. This means locate them in
>/export/home/webroot/site1 and /export/home/webroot/site2
>How do I make tomcat understeand that it must be running jsp files on this
>locations. Anybody knows how to do this? You have to add some things to
>server.xml i know that buth what and do  have to edit httpd.conf in some way
>to make this work? A working example of a server.xml/httpd.conf file is
>welcome and also any tip hint and clue :-)
>Thanks already,
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