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From Pike <>
Subject Re: Opinions
Date Fri, 31 Oct 2003 09:25:25 GMT

>> It's a little thin, but what there is is at
> You can do Apache administration without knowing C or PHP or perl. But 
> you can't do tomcat administration without knowing java. I feel it a 
> week point of Jakarta (perhaps am I wrong, it's just a feeling).

but you can do tomcat administration without knowing bash and vi ,
if you use the manager &admin interfaces.

yes, you lack quite some features if you stick to those.
but just imagine the features you lack by not knowing java.
I don't think anyone will dare to rewrite the C code of apache to
change its behaviour. I feel it's a week point of apache :-)

it's a choice. I think historically tomcat was developed to give
some backbone to programmers writing applications build
on the HttpServlet interface. As a plain webserver, you still
need a programmer to set it up correctly, but a monkey can
manage it once it's running.

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