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From Sriram N <>
Subject [5.0.14] Does it have the "logs" folder ?
Date Thu, 30 Oct 2003 12:27:53 GMT

With the votes going on for 5.0.14, I have a question.

I'm using Redhat 9. When I installed the 5.0.14 tgz and ran the startup script,
I had faced a problem with the startup script not being able to create the
$CATALINA_HOME$/logs/catalina.out file using the touch command.

As it turned out, the tgz did not have the logs folder, and the man for the
touch page says that touch does not create a folder if it does not already
exist. An experiment verified this too.

I guess the fix involves merely bundling a "logs" folder.

I've posted a Bug in Bugzilla, but I have not seen any mention of a fix on the
changelist for 5.0.14. I have not downloaded 5.0.14 yet due to bandwidth

Is my understanding of "touch" correct ? Or should the "logs" folder be created
automatically ?

-- Sriram

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