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From raoul duke <>
Subject Mapping an Apache virtual host to a Tomcat context using Jk2
Date Wed, 29 Oct 2003 19:22:50 GMT
I'm having some problems with Jk2 and i'm hoping
someone out there can help.  What I want to do is map
a virtual host in apache to a context deployed on
Tomcat's default host.  The reason I'm not using a
Host directive in Tomcat is that I need to be able to
deploy new applications WITHOUT restarting the server.

According to the documentation for Jk2, a context can
be given when a URI is mapped.  As far as I could
tell, it seems like it should look like this within
the virtual host directive in httpd.conf:

<Location "/*">
  JkUriSet context /wimm
  JkUriSet worker ajp13:localhost:8009

with /wimm being the context I want to map to. 
Unfortunately this doesn't seem to work and instead
files are served by Tomcat from the root context of
the default host.

Has anyone had any luck doing things this way?  Any
luck mapping virtual hosts to contexts at all?  I'm
certainly not married to the Jk2 connector, and I've
considered trying to insert the context path with
mod_rewrite, so if anyone has had luck with other
methods I'd love to hear about those as well.

Thanks in advance for your help.


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