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From David Bishop <>
Subject mod_jk or webapp on solaris with apache2
Date Tue, 28 Oct 2003 22:17:45 GMT
See subject :-)  This is actually a two-parter, though...

1)  Which should I use?  We are running apache2 and tomcat on solaris, on the 
same machine.  The tomcat usage is fairly light (a small percentage of the 
total usage of the server).  We've been running using apache1 and webapp for 
over a year now, and have been fairly happy with it.  The only reason that we 
are moving up to apache2 is because we want to do all of our ldap 
authentication within apache, and pass the info along to tomcat.  According 
to some archived postings to this list, that can only be accomplished using 
apache2.  While we're moving however, I'm reconsidering using mod_jk2.  Any 

2)  Whichever one we go with, I'll probably need some kind soul to help us out 
with getting working binaries.  I've used and admin'ed Apache+Tomcat for 
going on two years now, and I have *never* successfully compiled and used the 
apache connector module.  Basically, even when I manage to get it compiled (a 
very tricky business) it ends up complaining about missing symbols, or just 
segfaulting, or ....  Thus, everytime I've had to rely upon the kindsess of 
strangers to send me their working modules, and I use those.  In this case, 
I'm using apache 2.0.47 and Tomcat 4.1.27.  Apache was compiled with gcc 
3.3.1, and I'm on Solaris 8/Sparc.  If someone has a system vaguely 
resembling that setup, and wants to send me their copy of or, that would be simply wonderful.  And no, the binary connector 
modules available from the website don't work.  They don't appear to have 
been updated for several releases of apache, and who knows what they were 
compiled with...

Many thanks for the great programs, and any advice/tips/pointers that you 


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