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From Jens Skripczynski <>
Subject [OT] tomcat netiquete; please ban autoresponders
Date Fri, 10 Oct 2003 03:50:37 GMT
Arjen van der Weijden:
> I will be out of the office starting  10/10/2003 and will not return until
> 11/04/2003.
> I will respond to your message when I return.
Since this happens quite often, I think it may be usefull, to add
another etiquette to the general mailinglist page.

I belief autoresponders (on holiday / moved email / ... ) 
in not usefull, if it is replying to a mailinglist.

It is the responsebility of the subscriber to resubscribe with his 
new email or to pause his subscription or subscribe from a different

For me tomcat-user is the only mainlinglist, where autoresponses
appear. Maybe because of the large number of people subscribed.
They do not hurt too much, but are an anoying background noise
- not neccassary nor informative, but each costs a few cents
transmitting and more people reading and deleting...


Jens Skripczynski
E-Mail: skripi-lists(at)myrealbox(dot)com

In this world there are only two tragedies; one is not getting
what one wants, the other is getting it.
                                  -- Oscar Wild

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