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From "Francois JEANMOUGIN" <>
Subject RE: Opinions
Date Fri, 31 Oct 2003 09:48:07 GMT

> yes, you lack quite some features if you stick to those.
> but just imagine the features you lack by not knowing java.
> I don't think anyone will dare to rewrite the C code of apache to
> change its behaviour. I feel it's a week point of apache :-)

Well, I think I'm a shameless troller. Anyway, my feeling is just documentation related. I
think you can administrate tomcat the way you administrate any other Unix service as a Unix
bofh, and, in fact, I do. But the documentations are not so sysadmin oriented.

Okay, perhaps will I have to find time to write some :). If I can I will do. As a monkey (for
a programming point of view), I would never advocate about the choice of a programming language
(or just for plain trolling).


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