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From "Francois JEANMOUGIN" <>
Subject RE: linux : Limit of file descriptor
Date Wed, 22 Oct 2003 13:46:51 GMT

> For what it is worth, we run vanilla RedHat 8.0 servers and have to
> bump
> up the number handles available to Tomcat using ulimit, (otherwise it
> is
> limited to ~1024). We have a complex application that does a lot of
> proxied access work. Despite that, we have only run out of file
> descriptors once in several years during what we think was a DOS
> attack.
> Remember, each socket gets a file descriptor as well.

	Yes. So we have 500 clients and this uses a pool of SQL connections (about 120). Everything
else is local open files. Mostly jar and java that doesn't seem to be shared. That's strange.
> It seems unlikely that the FDs are being consumed by Tomcat if your
> log
> files look normal. Does the number of file handles climb steadily over
> time or rapidly balloon beyond norms on startup? What build of Linux
> is
> on the box in question?

It is a RedHat enterprise server 2.1 (due to silly constructor support restrictions). I just
saw the problem today, so I don't saw it coming up. The service was restarted this morning
and two hours later, it already reached the current score. This night, it will be dead...

On another machine running about the same type of applications (and two tomcat instances),
I "only" have 8000FDs opened (which could be correcte regarding the number of jars, connections
and log files).


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