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From Justin L Spies <>
Subject [OT] Re: linux : Limit of file descriptor
Date Wed, 22 Oct 2003 17:05:27 GMT
Quoting Randy Watler <>:

> Francois,
> This may be a Red Herring, but I have to wonder if the usage of Posix 
> threads in the RedHat enterprise servers is causing problems somehow? 
> Are your other servers RedHat enterprise boxen or different in other 
> ways? What JVM are you using?
> Randy Watler
> Finali Corporation

If you've solved this problem, please disregard this message.  I've marked 
this issue as off topic because it relates to Linux and not Tomcat.

lsof won't properly report the total number of opened file descriptors.  I was 
doing the same thing for a client who ran into this issue with file-max set to 
16384.  I was using lsof and wc to count the lines, however it reported 
something like 80,000.  

You sound pretty knowledgeable, so you may have seen this, however the best 
way to handle this is using the proc file system.  An explaination is 
available at 

Can you post the contents of the following files:

Once you've pasted this information, we'll see if we can figure this out.

Justin L. Spies

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