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From Carlos Pereira <>
Subject Re: error-page directive
Date Mon, 06 Oct 2003 09:08:15 GMT
> I recall there was an issue with some version of IE: it had
> a "feature": if the error page is less then x bytes then IE showes
> its ugly default error page. But if the error page is large
> enough (in terms of bytes) then it showes that.
(Anton Tagunov)

You are right! IE shows its default error page if the messages has 341 chars or less. From
342 chars up, it shows the received data.
Thanks! My problem is solved.

> Please let us know if this works. If it does it is worth
> adding to the faq.
I agree. Explaining IE's behaviour should clarify all. By the way, Netscape doesn't do this...

Best regards,
Carlos Pereira

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