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From "Matthias Schulz" <>
Subject RE: Html files not displayed with webapp
Date Thu, 30 Oct 2003 13:59:57 GMT
> That's vey odd. Does your URL end in ".htm"? :)

No, I use the adapted URL. Would be a nice and simple solution of course
;-) E.g. if I get a directory listing from Tomcat and there is a *.html
file and I klick it to open, then Apache says the file is not found

> Are you on UNIX or windoze?
SuSE Linux 8.2
> Also, Apache must have its DocumentRoot or an Alias (I prefer 
> an Alias) 
> do that http://your.server/yourapp/... points to the root of your 
> webapp. Otherwise, you wouldn't be able to find any files. 
> However, you 
> say that you can serve pages, but only if you rename them 
> from .html to 
> .htm, right?

Yes, I have a DocumentRoot and all other files are found and
displayed/executed except html files in the Tomcat Web Applications.

> -chris
Thanks, Matthias 

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