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From "Joe Zendle" <>
Subject Tomcat hanging!! About to change container!! Please help!!
Date Thu, 02 Oct 2003 16:44:17 GMT
We have 10 days until we go GA. We are experiencing periodic and regular
lockups of Tomcat.  We are testing on a machine that is fairly loaded
with background work (about 50% cpu). Our web app is accessed by very
few users so Tomcat per se, is not under load handling requests. After
say 10-12 hours of browser inactivity, when attempting to login we get
the BASIC Auth prompt, we enter our credentials and then tomcat hangs
while loading our index.jsp. The request never completes.

I've attached our configuration. Please let me know if there is anything
that looks wrong. 

We,re using:
Tomcat 4.1.27
Java 1.4.2
Redhat 9.0

Also, what kind of settings can I apply to help debug the problem

BTW, I've seen similar complaints on this mailing list but no
suggestions :-). Please help!


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