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From "Carlos Pereira" <>
Subject Re: xhtml and Internet Explorer
Date Thu, 30 Oct 2003 10:06:57 GMT
> That's because IE ignores the Content-Type header and just looks at the
> first few bytes of the file to decide how to display it. What a POS.
> Anyway...
(Christopher Schultz)

IE works like this: in the first call to a web page, it checks the
Content-Type and displays the web page accordingly. Next time you request
the same page, it ignores the Content-Type.

> > I know that this issue came up before on this
> > list, but the solution suggested previously
> > (adding a page directive with the content type)
> > does not work.
(Marius Scurtescu)

So, do the following:
1. You have to make sure IE is foing to display the most recent page. You
can do this by either adding a pragma/no-cache header, or go to (in IE):
tools/internet options/temporary internet files/settings and, under "check
for newer versions of stored pages", select the "every visit to the page"
option. When you are developing, this last thing should ALWAYS be done.
Otherwise, you might be getting IE cached versions of the web page and
asking yourself why the changes aren't working.
2. Force IE to read the Content-Type again. Simply shut down the browser,
and request your xhtml page to see if it works.

Hope that helps.
Carlos Pereira

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