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From "Bill Barker" <>
Subject Re: Simplified Install of Apache w/ Tomcat
Date Fri, 12 Sep 2003 04:35:22 GMT

"Nikolaos Giannopoulos" <> wrote in message
> We have a product that utilizes servlets that we will be making available
> for download.
> The problem is that we can't expect that our target customers will have
> Apache + Tomcat or Tomcat (standalone) installed.
> What we want to do however is to provide a set of simplified (if possible
> minimal) instructions for installing Apache + Tomcat (ideally we would
> to automate this through a script if possible).  Is there a simplified
> procedure for installing these two components - by simplified I mean that
> building from source is probably not going to go over well with the
> oriented target customers unless we automate the process.
> Our target platforms are Windows NT/2000/XP, RedHat 6/7, and Solaris
> Our (specific) product installation is quite trivial - we just want to
> sure that a burdensome installation of the web server / servlet engine
> doesn't turn customers away before they even get to our product install.
> Any ideas? Suggestions?
> We would suggest a stand alone install of Tomcat 4.X except that (a) there
> seems to be no way to have it run on port 80 as nobody (without front
> Apache) and (b) our product tries to minimize the work done in servlets
> is designed to leverage the web server to serve the appropriate content
> (whose URL it returns) - unless Tomcat 4.X becomes more solid as a stand
> alone web server we have to offer this option.
> Will Tomcat 5.X will make these stand aline issues moot?

Addressing this one only, since Filip & Colin have pretty much covered the
rest (except for the fact that Tomcat & Apache both come with a GUI
installer for Windows).

Tomcat 5.x (at least at the moment) ships with the *source* to build a
daemon to allow Tomcat to run as non-root on *nix systems.  If it proves
popular, then at some point in the future there may be binaries available as
well (at least for popular platforms).

> Thanks,
> --Nikolaos

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