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From "Bill Barker" <>
Subject Re: Tomcat classloader behaviour and Xerces
Date Fri, 12 Sep 2003 04:28:54 GMT
AFAIK, there shouldn't be a Xerces in common/lib.

That having been said, Xerces is handled specially in Tomcat 4.x.  If there
is a copy in common/lib or shared/lib, then it will use that one in
preference to WEB-INF/lib.  Of course, it always checks the System
ClassLoader first, so it will usually grab the one in common/endorsed.

<> wrote in message

I'm trying to understand why regardless of whether or not a particular
version of Xerces is present in a webapp's WEB-INF/lib, the version in
Tomcat's common/lib is always picked up. With other simple classes sharing
the same namespace that I have used to test this, the version in the webapp
is correctly picked up.

I suspect that this is something to do with the fact that Xerces usage
internally by Tomcat which loads it in the parent classloader, but I would
appreciate someone providing me with the full logical explanation.

On a related note, if the behaviour is such that webapps are tied into the
version of Xerces in common/endorsed, that's not such a problem because this
location is configurable. However, other classes such as JDBC drivers are
documented as being supposed to reside in common/lib, which would present a
problem when having a standard build supporting many different applications
with different dependencies. However, a solution to this seems to be to rely
on the placing of such libraries in the endorsed directory, which can be

This appears to work, but I would just like to check whether there is
anything wrong with this approach. If common/lib must be used, then that
would effectively mean that applications team would have to create "fake"
builds of Tomcat using symlinks so that they could place the versions of
dependencies that they required in common/lib.

All answers much appreciated.



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