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From Kenneth Ahn Jensen <>
Subject TC 4.1.24 can't find my servlet-classes?
Date Tue, 02 Sep 2003 09:02:21 GMT
After using Tomcat for a long time, I seem to be getting into trouble
lately. My Tomcat suddenly does not automatically find the servlets in
<context-dir>/WEB-INF/classes - so I have to make a web.xml file for each

My server.xml is pretty much like the original, except for the user contexts
which all look like this:

 <Context path="/user/testuser" docBase="user/testuser" debug="0"
  reloadable="true" crossContext="true"/>

The servlets are then placed like:

However, I get a 404 error when requesting
http://ip:port/user/testuser/servlet/HelloWorld - which I'm pretty sure
worked until a month ago (when the system crashed). Also I know for a fact
that it works on TC 4.04.

The {$CATALINA_HOME}/webapps/user/testuser/index.jsp gets loaded just fine
from the URL http://ip:port/user/testuser/index.jsp, so Tomcat has noticed
the context.

Any input will be much appreciated, as I have been trying to make this work
for some time now and I don't seem to get closer... :-(

The server is running students servlets on a university, and a lot of them
are just beginning on programming, so they shouldn't care about deployment
details (at least thats what the teachers tell me, the sysadmin :-).

I'm running Tomcat 4.1.24 with Sun Java 1.4.2 on Redhat 8.0 (and Mandrake

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