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From "Shawn Zernik" <>
Subject RE: Regarding Tomcat Start
Date Sun, 28 Sep 2003 18:31:53 GMT

go through the batch file (.bat) and add PAUSE followed by and enter after
the tomcat or java command to see their responces.  Batch filesare just a
series of DOS command made to run in order.  It has a GOTO statments and
enviorment vars for varibles.  The %1 %2 %3 represent the first command line
argument, the soncond, and the third.  It has if statments.  Just follow it
throug and add some pauses, that'll cuase it to wiat for you to press a key
alowing you to see the error messages.

The second command prompt window is called through the first batch fil
through the CMD command.  Look for the CMD or other betch files and add
pauses to those files.  It's calling another command prompt to free the one
you in when Tomcat starts.  This second command prompt is probably giving an
error like "Port already in use" or something else.  Adding the pause will
allow you to see these errors.

Shawn Zernik
Internetwork Consulting

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Sent: Saturday, September 27, 2003 11:54 AM
To: Tomcat Users List
Subject: Regarding Tomcat Start

I have installed jakarta-tomcat-5.0.12. I set jdk and catalina path. I open
command prompt, move to the bin directory of tomcat. I run startup.bat. It
opens another prompt that vanishes in seconds. I dont see anything wrong
(warning or error message) at original command prompt.
I move to localhost in browser. Nothing loads up on browser !
How do i know whether tomcat has really started or not ? (I tried to look at
services running, it does not show up there)
I tried to see log floder, but it is just empty. I tried to run shutdown bat
file. It says, connection not found ! Does it help in answering my question?
I am using Windows XP Operating System.

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