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From "Nikolaos Giannopoulos" <>
Subject RE: Memory Leak with static content
Date Fri, 12 Sep 2003 22:04:10 GMT

Have you tried JDK 1.4.2?  1.4.0 has been known to have a memory leak in the
StringBuffer implementation w.r.t. re-using StringBuffers but you mention
that your only serving static content so this may not be it.

However, I believe that I read that something like 2000 bugs have been fixed
in 1.4.2 (if my memory serves me well).  We have have no visible problems
running tomcat 4.1.12/18 stand alone w/ 1.4.2 on Solaris 8 on 4 boxes (no
JSPs - just servlets and static content).

Please reply back if this works or does not work for you - we are looking at
upgrading our Tomcat instances in the near future.



> -----Original Message-----
> From: Seth Newton []
> Sent: Friday, September 12, 2003 4:58 PM
> To:
> Subject: Memory Leak with static content
> All,
> OS: Sparc-Solaris 9
> JDK: 1.4.0_02
> Tomcat: 4.1.27
> Problem:
> I start tomcat and it takes up about 45MB of RAM.  I wrote a
> script to email me every ten minutes the amount of memory it's
> taking up.  The results are showing me that it gains about 1MB
> every 10 minutes or so (on average).  If I let it go, it will
> grow until it runs out of memory.  Right now, I have a script to
> restart tomcat after the memory is too high.  This is a bad
> solution.  I've looked at a LOT of people's suggestions from
> other threads, and I have tried the following:
> -Use jikes
> -Set development to false in web.xml
> -Increase the heap sizes
> -set fork to true in web.xml
> Other Info:
> -I'm using Tomcat to feed about 6 sites with static content.  I
> have one jsp page that handles all of our forms, and all that
> does is capture the <input> and send it to an email address.  It
> is the only code I have anywhere.  This jsp page is not causing
> the memory leak.
> -I had the same problem with 4.1.17, and was hoping that an
> update would help, but it didn't.
> -This is an incremental increase, and doesn't seem to have much
> to do with traffic patterns or how much I use my one jsp page.
> Any suggestions would be great.
> -Seth.

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