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From "Hans Liebenberg" <>
Subject Character Set Issues (windows vs. Unix)
Date Tue, 16 Sep 2003 17:55:34 GMT

I am yet again being haunted by character set problems and actually don't
have a clue what is happening here.

I have one web application and 2 servers.

Linux Server:
 Red Hat Linux 2.4.18-14
 JDK 1.4.2
 Apache Tomcat/4.1.24-LE-jdk14
 Postgres 7.2.2
 Accessing the Database via JDBC, charSet=SQL_ASCII

Windows 2000
 JDK 1.4.2
 Apache Tomcat/4.1.24-LE-jdk14
 Accessing the same postgres database on the Linux server
 Accessing the Database via JDBC, charSet=SQL_ASCII

The config for the application is exactly the same on both machines.
But here is my problem....

I have a form in my web application that allows an admin user to paste
content from MS Word which in turn gets saved into the postgres database.
As we all know Word uses some strange characters for apostrophes, commas,
spaces etc.
Which I understand.

I have another page that reads and displays the value from the database.
When the application is installed on the windows server the particular
character (which is some kind of spacing character in word) gets read out of
the database as
Ascii code 160,

BUT on the Linux server the exact same routine reads it as ascii code 65533

Same database, same application config - only difference is OS

The JVM's are both set up as default english installs.

I really am battling with this one.


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