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From "petra staub" <>
Subject JMX / mx4j -- deployment problems
Date Thu, 18 Sep 2003 12:19:53 GMT
hi tomcat-users,

I am making my first steps with JMX or mx4j respectively. I saw
that Tomcat 4.1 is able to register MBeans and I saw in the
documentation the example descriptor...however, I still dont
understand how to proceed.

For testing I only wanted to register a simple MBean (from the
mx4j examples) in order to see, if I am able to manage some

I added to the server.xml the listener, giving the reference to
my mbeans-descriptors.xml but still I can see the bean...


The className property in the descriptor file is for my MBean,
ok...domain to give my MBean a certain namespache, i think,...
but what are the group and type properties for?

Finally, I simply want to use my MBean as a sort of "managable"
background controller...

Is it possible to register a MBean only in the webapplication,
without modifications e.g. in the server.xml? It would be nice
if at startup of the webcontainer, the MBeans could be
launched... Or do I have to have a ContextListener and create
an own MBeanServer?

Thanks for any help, example code and suggestions! ;-)

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