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From "Detlef Brendle" <>
Subject soft linked directories.
Date Mon, 01 Sep 2003 18:42:43 GMT
Im having a behaviour and dont know if this is a feature or a misbehaviour
of tomcat.

I set up a context with the name '/foo/'.
A controller servlet manages a listing of available files within the
directory '/foo/images/'.

All works fine except if I add softlinked diretories underneath 'images/'.
'images/softLinkedDir' ->
The directory listing looks like:
lrwxrwxrwx 1 user group ... softLinkedDir -> /foo/bar/dir

The behaviour now is that a request such as <img
src="/foo/images/softLinkedDir/a.gif" > ends in a 404 error
saying that the requested resource a.gif does not exist. Although the file
exists phsically on the file system and can be read by the user under which
Tomcat is operating.

Adding more to this I tried to narrow the problem by generating tests. I
found out that if I soft link a file (such as 'a.gif') the resource can be

Therefore I can ensure that all permissions to the requested resource are ok
and the resource manager can read the file allright.

I guess that the problem comes from the soft linked dir.

Has someone else got the same behaviour ???

My setup:

Engine : tomcat 4.1.18
OS : redhat linux

thanks for your help,


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