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From "Vernon Smith" <>
Subject Translating problem - a TC 5 issue
Date Wed, 17 Sep 2003 18:52:34 GMT

After upgrading my development box to TC 5.09 beta, I run into a few problems. One of them
is a JSP file can't be translated into a Java file properly (?). The section of the Java file
is the following:

      if (_jspx_meth_fmt_message_218(pageContext))
      out.write("</label>\r\n\t\t   ");
      out.write("</td>\r\n        ");
      out.write("<td> \r\n          ");
      out.write("<input type=\"checkbox\" name=\"sport\" value=\"E\" ");
      out.write(String.valueOf( PForm.sportSelectionAttr("E") ));
      out.write(" id=\"sport.E\">\r\n          ");
      out.write("<label for=\"sport.E\">");

which is correct, I believe. But, for the same type of JSP code, the translation is another
set of Java code as the followings.

      if (_jspx_meth_fmt_message_219(pageContext))
      out.write("</label>\r\n\t\t   ");
      out.write("</td>\r\n\t      ");
      out.write("</tr>\r\n      ");
      out.write("<tr class=\"TableRowColor\"> \r\n        ");
      out.write("<td> \r\n          ");
      out.write("<input type=\"checkbox\" name=\"sport\" value=\"u\" ");
      out.write(String.valueOf( PForm.sportSelectionAttr("u") % id="sport.u">
          <label for="sport.u"><fmt:message key="sport.u"/></label>
          <input type="checkbox" name="sport" value="G" <%= PForm.sportSelectionAttr("G")
% id="sport.G">
          <label for="sport.G"><fmt:message key="sport.G"/></label>
          <input type="checkbox" name="sport" value="t" <%= PForm.sportSelectionAttr("t")
% id="sport.t">
          <label for="sport.t"><fmt:message key="sport.t"/></label>
          <input type="checkbox" name="sport" value="v" <%= PForm.sportSelectionAttr("v")
% id="sport.v">
          <label for="sport.v"><fmt:message key="sport.v"/></label>
     <tr class="TableRowColor"> 
          <input type="checkbox" name="sport" value="W" <%= PForm.sportSelectionAttr("W")
      out.write(" id=\"sport.W\">\r\n          ");
      out.write("<label for=\"sport.W\">");

Is it a bug in TC 5.09 or another issue involved?

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