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From "Stewart, Daniel J" <>
Subject Tomcat sucks at receiving large messages
Date Tue, 30 Sep 2003 15:30:33 GMT

When receiving a HTTP 1.0 POST with a 10kbyte payload, my doPost()
method writes the message body to a file. The file is the right size,
but my data is nulled out (set to 0) after correctly receiving about

In frustration, I set the Connector bufferSize parameter to "1000000",
to discover that I could now receive about 4kbytes of my 10kbyte
message. I then proceeded to write my own Java server to receive the
message and write it to a file, and it works just fine. 

I am at a loss - can anyone suggest what could be causing this problem? 

Tomcat version: 4.1.27 
Tomcat configuration: Out-of-the-box (except for my app's WEB-INF) 
OS: solaris 2.9 
My servlet skill level: medium-low 

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