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From Hertenstein Alain <>
Subject RE : Tomcat and IIS + Index Server -> possible ?
Date Fri, 12 Sep 2003 10:06:06 GMT
Hi Marco,

Thanks for your answer.
I'm using pure JSPs (no Struts or the like), but indeed most of the content
come from other sources (Database, java classes output). So parsing the JSP
files themselves is not a solution for my case (as indicated in the Lucene
documentation anyway).
So I tried to parse the content retrieved from the url of the file (by
creating an HttpUrlConnection to it, therefore the web application must be
running while creating the index) and I can get the HTML output from the JSP
file, then create the index out of it. It seems to work for the moment...

See ya

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De : Marco Tedone [] 
Envoyé : mercredi, 10. septembre 2003 22:26
À : Tomcat Users List
Objet : Re: Tomcat and IIS + Index Server -> possible ?

Hi Alain, I'm developing the same functionality for my site. Limiting the
problems to JSPs (as if you are using Struts are more and if you're using
Struts + Tiles are a lot more...Guess...which one am I using??) the only
real activity you need to do is to manipulate the path returned by Lucene,
which refers to your JSPs, in a web-context manner, so that you can give
those pages as links to the user. The content it's not a problem, at least
in my case, because Lucene build an index of all significant words in your
JSPs and the correct JSPs are returned if you run a query for any of the
words contained in your JSP.

You may have additional problems if your JSPs are used as pure views,
letting the hard-work to servlets (which any possible background) which act
as proxies. The reason is that, even if a possible search engine would
return to you the path to a JSP page, this page could not be accessible
directly, because for instance, it displays some JavaBean content which has
been prepared by some background work. Rather, you will want the user to
link to the relevant action which eventually will forward the control to the
JSP, therefore even if the content is contained in JSPs, what you should
show to the user to click on, is a link to the action bound with that JSP.

I solved all those problems so far; unfortunately, I'm running with Tiles,
and the JSPs which actually contains the content of interest, is not the JSP
bound with the action I want to show to the user. The JSP bound with the
action has got the following code (snippet):

<%@ page language="java" %>
<%@ taglib uri="/WEB-INF/struts-tiles.tld" prefix="tiles" %>

<tiles:insert definition="tiles.administer" flush="true" />

As you can see, there is not a lot of content here for a search engine to
find :|

Good luck,


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From: "Hertenstein Alain" <>
To: "'Tomcat Users List'" <>
Sent: Wednesday, September 10, 2003 12:45 PM
Subject: RE : Tomcat and IIS + Index Server -> possible ?


Just asking about this topic again, since nobody answered or seems to have
an idea...
Meanwhile I just had a look on Lucene, but I'm not sure if it can do what I
need without -too much- setup and code work.
I "managed" to make it work and search local files, but I don't know if it
can search JSP files, i.e. what the JSPs generate in HTML... It seems like
one has to re-code the whole index creation process to achive this !

Anyone has done that before ?
Can anybody recommend me what to do to implement that search engine with IIS
and Tomcat ?

Thanks for your help, I'm really stuck here...

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De : Hertenstein Alain
Envoyé : lundi, 1. septembre 2003 18:24
À : 'Tomcat Users List'
Objet : Tomcat and IIS + Index Server -> possible ?


Our configuration is as follows : Win2K, JDK 1.4.1, Tomcat 4.1.24 connected
with IIS using mod_jk. Index Server is AFAIK also installed. We are thinking
of adding a "Search site" button in our web application. The "problem" is
that we have content coming from numerous places in our JSP pages : inside
the pages (stored either as HTML or in Java String variables) or in MS SQL
Server tables.

We thought of using Index Server to do that, since it should normally handle
most of the work easily... Is this possible in such configuration ? In other
words, can Index Server access text retrieved in any way by JSPs ? Another
issue is that there's no virtual directory configured in IIS other than the
"redirector" directory (pointing to the isapi_redirector2.dll file). So I'n
not sure IIS/Index Server can access JSPs at all anyway...

Has anyone already tried this before ? Or maybe is there another better way
to achieve this ? Please let me know, thank you very much ! Alain

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