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From Anton Tagunov <>
Subject Re: Generating huge reports via servlets
Date Sat, 13 Sep 2003 11:09:53 GMT
Hello Vijay!

VK> I have a servlet that generates reports in CSV format. When the content size
VK> of the report is small, it works fine. But if the content size is 4MB, I get
VK> a 404 error but no exceptions. I tried setBufferSize(4MB) and contentSize to
VK> the actual size of the report but that didnt help much. I am running Tomcat
VK> 4.1.27.

Try looking through your logs. Is there anything to help you?

(When Tomcat is down kill all your logs, then start Tomcat, reproduce
the error and examine all you have in the logs dir. After this you'll
know where to look for errors.)


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