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From Webmaster <>
Subject problems with different tomcat-axis
Date Thu, 04 Sep 2003 07:30:44 GMT
hi to all,
I've a big inknown problem.
I'm developing a web application with a VB-SOAP client.
I'm using some java servlet in tomcat-axis.
I have a LAN for testing my web application. It's all ok: any PC with 
tomcat running working fine.
Any PC with my VBclient communicate with the current tomcat running. (All 
under windows).

Now, I'va built a web server, mount in my provider, with linux, tomcat and 
I've upload on this server my context "axis" and my web app, under 
but my VBclient, on my PC, doesn't communicate with the remote application.

I don't know about this! The error occourred is (in VB): WSDLReader: 
XMLParse error....

bou i've installed all the necessary library on my PC, instead the MSSOAP 

It may be a problem of versions?

I'm also a newbie for using linux and line command-compiling (to trying it 
on the server...).
I haven't found anything about this error on Internet, my description is in 
Italina, but can be translate in "Impossible to find the specific resource".

thank to all,


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