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From Tim Funk <>
Subject Re: Personalized Tomcat Manager
Date Sun, 28 Sep 2003 00:54:52 GMT
If you needs finer grain control of the manager app such as user X cannot 
perform action Y, then write and install a Filter which does the appropriate 
security checks. Before letting each serlvet execute.


Grzegorz Malinka wrote:

> Yes... bu that solution gives access permision to all application deployed
> by Tomcat Server...
> I would to give reload, install, remove command to application but to user
> which is its owner.
> http://host:8180/manager/reload?path=/script
> some user called i.e. "jack" can reload only application called "script" and
> cannot do operations on application deployed within a "webapps" directory.
> IMHO... only way is to make some corrections in either Manager Container or
> Users Database Container and  recompile.
>>You might want to edit "tomcat-users.xml" configuration file.
>>Or use "Likha DevCentre".  It simplifies your development life cycle in
>>Download it from or
>>I have to give access permission to Tomcat Manager for several users,
> which
>>should manage just its application (not all).
>>Is it possible?

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